Eleanor P. Sam

Novelist, Ancestral Ambassador & Health Advocate
I write books that connect the past with the present in healing ways

Author's Biography

Eleanor P. Sam is Canadian, born in Guyana, South America with West, and Central African ancestry.

Since childhood Eleanor has dabbled in poetry and writing of plays. Her love for the arts led her to the theatre in her homeland, where she performed in multiple productions and won best supporting actress for one of her roles.

In Canada, she continued to follow her passion, but was encouraged to seek a safer and more “pragmatic” vocational path.

She moved from Fine Arts and leaned into the Social Sciences where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from York University, and a Master of Health Science degree from the University of Toronto.

But her fire for the arts never went out. In recent years, she returned to her first love, storytelling. Eleanor is a strong advocate for Black women’s health. When she’s not writing, she enjoys taking vacations around the world. Eleanor lives in Toronto with her husband.

New Release

Manor on the Viridian Sea

Jemma Worley, a Canadian millennial, has manipulated her lover, a wealthy architect, into purchasing the seaside manor of her dreams. Located on a palm-fringed Caribbean Island, it seems the fulfillment of her fantasies and lifestyle ambitions. But no sooner has she moved in than the ground of her familiar assumptions gives way. She is sent spiralling through a series of revelations as the manor unlocks its secrets. Beliefs about her values, personal and family history come apart. There is a lifeline but Jemma cannot see it.

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